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Crurifragium “Black Seed of Bestiality” LP


Image of Crurifragium “Black Seed of Bestiality” LP

The unholy birth and relentless live bedlam of one the US black/death metal underground’s most ferocious rising stalwarts. Black Seed of Bestiality contains Crurifragium‘s self-titled raw 2015 demo, recalling the noisy hellstorms of “Imperious Jaws of Ire” and “The Oath of Black Blood.” Here committed to vinyl for the first time after being long out of print since the initial tape pressing. Side II presents a barbaric live manifestation captured at the Invoking Black Death Fest in Chicago, Illinois on May 6th 2017. Unrepentant and devoid of mercy, this live manifestation echoes the pure hatred of the band’s studio sound. Guaranteed to leave the worms of christ trembling with fear and soaked in urine.

Side A features remastered version of "Crurifragium" demo.
Side B features a live recording of Crurifragium performing at Invoking Black Death Fest 2017.

Original demo artwork re-interpreted by Necromogarip.

Listen here: