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Funeral Fullmoon "Poetry of the Death Poison" LP *IMPORT*

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Image of Funeral Fullmoon "Poetry of the Death Poison" LP *IMPORT*

INFERNA PROFUNDUS RECORDS proudly presents second full length FUNERAL FULLMOON album which was recorded at the end of 2020. Piece of a pure and raw traditional Black Metal full of twisted landscapes that will lead your soul to death. "Poetry of Death Poison" is a dark manifestation, coming from an entity that comes from the cold winds of the north, full of omens and curses that will lead your mind towards a deep feeling of evil and ruin, opening portals that go beyond pain as a transcendental method to other worlds desolate and full of anger. It should be noted that this work will deliver a key that only the followers of the atrocious path will be able to discover in the depths of their beings, as well as those who still keep burning the internal flame of crude, ancient and classic Black Metal!