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Markgraf "Hohenbaden" MC *IMPORT*

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Full of vigor and with the aim of uniting, yet also shattering, the genre boundaries of Heavy and Black Metal, Markgraf return with their new album 'Hohenbaden'! Once again, local myths and legends surrounding the city of Baden-Baden are set to music and brought to life. Across the four tracks, fans of the quirky and heavier Metal spectrum will find everything their hearts desire, but also confronted with influences from other genres. It quickly becomes clear – a lot has happened since their debut in 2020. This is evident primarily through the more intricate and diverse songwriting, as well as the strong production by Sascha Pamann (Momentum Mixing).

"It's meant to be the ultimate second album with all the quirks and 'wait, what's happening there'-moments that are often typical of sophomore releases. The idea was to incorporate every crazy and awkward idea into the songs so that the audience has no chance to feel safe. Whether it's War Black Metal interrupted by symphonically underscored Slam passages, or a Dream Pop-inspired part enhancing the storytelling – it's still a great homage to the first wave of Black Metal. Experimental Heavy Metal bands are also celebrated," says band leader and composer Ódio.

Particularly striking is the approximately 20-minute title track, which stylistically ventures far in various directions and guides the audience through a dramatic tale of plague, despair, and divine intervention. "It was a bit of a tightrope walk to tell the individual chapters in a coherent manner. We are more than satisfied with the result – especially because we com-pletely avoided breaks, yet it never drags or becomes long-winded due to its diversity," says Ódio.