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Pagan "Acolytes" MC

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Stygian Black Hand proudly presents the brand new EP “Acolytes” from legendary 90s Turkish black metal cult PAGAN!

“Acolytes” finds the original 1998 lineup reconvened to restore the shamanic flames of old with three tracks invoking the ancient spirit invigorated with a new ferocity. Highly recommended for fans of Varathron, Zemial, Mayhem, and Mortuary Drape.

Founded in Istanbul in 1995 and one of the forebears of the Turkish scene, PAGAN gained quick recognition in the international black metal underground with their “Rehearsal Tape ‘96”, a primitive exhibition of melodic grimness and raw, youthful fanaticism, taking cues from the Scandinavian and Hellenic scenes.

1998 witnessed PAGAN’s sensational breakthrough, “Heathen Upheaval”, a seven song tape which boasted impressive leaps in sound, composition, and performance. The response was seismic with 1500 copies selling out in mere weeks, amassing a cult following which preempted a series of fateful live appearances with Tiamat, Katatonia, and Nightfall.

A few years later, PAGAN recorded their debut full-length “OZ: In Transcendence” which wasn’t released until 2007, after which the band went into hiatus. PAGAN was dormant until 2019 when legendary Turkish underground zine Laneth invited them to play a reunion show, rekindling the ancient flames and inspiring new recordings and reissues of their early material.

In 2022, Talciron, Noctivagus, War, and Anker entered the studio as they did 24 years before for “Heathen Upheaval” and recorded “Acolytes”, heralding a new era for these black metal veterans!