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Unspeakable "Gazed Upon the Yellow Sign" MC


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Headsplit Records & Stygian Black Hand proudly present
UNSPEAKABLE "Gazed Upon The Yellow Sign" EP

Unspeakable emerged in 2015 with a self-released demo, "Under the Black Spell", which was soon reissued by Stygian Black Hand. While their early material boasted a bestial black metal sound a la Blasphemy and Archgoat, Unspeakable has now brought out more of their first wave black metal/speed metal side influenced by Mortuary Drape, Root, and Sabbat, to name a few. Unspeakable also underwent a few lineup changes since the initial demo, with original member and songwriter Iron Z switching to bass, Horned Father of Desecreation (Impure, Spite) taking over drums, and the addition of new lead guitarist Seducer of the Witches (Krukh).

"Gazed Upon the Yellow Sign" features 8 new tracks of necromantical metal from the Gateway Dominion, with lyrical themes influenced by the works of Robert W. Chambers, Robert E. Howard, and H.P. Lovecraft.

CD version on Headsplit Records.