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Porphyrion "Blood Orgies Beneath Disgrace Temples" MC

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On July 28, 2023, Stygian Black Hand and Goat Throne Records will release the debut offering of PORPHYRION, “Blood Orgies Beneath Disgrace Temples”, on cassette and CD formats, respectively. With 9 songs comprising 25 minutes of unholy occult death metal, the Seattle-based four-piece deliver a barrage of chaotic fretwork further twisted by blood-churning vocals in praise of Lucifer for fans of Mystifier, Morbid Angel, and Necros Christos.

Named for the blood god of Greek myth, PORPHYRION summons winds of darkness and decay to decimate the battlefields of everyday life. The riffs are the ammunition which rids the soul of all it’s membrane, causing a flux into reality where demons and devils take pleasure in the excruciating torment of their victims. A godless aeon is upon all. The altar is populated by the stillborn sacrifice of those too young to see the lies that have so far proliferated and reeked havoc. The blood that flows now will fuel the rise of a mighty warlord that is PORPHYRION, the master of resurrection and sacrifice.

Formed in the magmatic ooze of pre-glacial simulacrum, Porphyrion emerges to erase the weak and unworthy from all memory. Formed in 2020 by members of Seattle’s finest death worshipers Noroth, Reburied and joined by the forces of Internment and Abysmalist, the band seeks only to rid the planet of the insufferable persistence of unworthy scions.