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Heinous "Netherworld Ceremony" Slipcase MC *IMPORT*


Image of Heinous "Netherworld Ceremony" Slipcase MC *IMPORT*

Limited to 100 tapes. Comes with slipcase with silver print.

... In the Darkness, many pacts are sealed ...

The HEINOUS entity has made its first collaboration with VJS for the release of the LUCIFER VULT 7'' Ep, asking him to perform keyboards on the track “Maudits".
Quickly, the idea grew to request him to join the entity for live rituals, performing those keyboards and more on the songs of the demo and the 7” Ep.
VJS did us the honor to accept and worked on more twisted melodies to add to already existing songs. We were convinced at first listen. Moreso, it turned out pretty clear to the HEINOUS entity that those songs should always have had those keyboards.
This is why we decided to re-release some of them, reworked, remixed and remastered by L. and VJS and to release them on a limited edition LP and TAPE.
To also offer more than those reworked songs, the other side of the LP and TAPE include a live recording of our ritual at the Doomsday Festival, on the 12th of October MMXIX. Those live songs were also mixed and mastered by VJS.